108 Names of Shri Anandi Ma booklet


Prepared by disciples and presented at Anandi Ma’s birthday event, these precious names are written in English woven together with mantras to provide additional spiritual energy. The booklet is sized to slip inside the DYC chant book and features a translucent cover filled with photos of Ma. The 108 Names can be recited as part of a Guru puja, or simply read aloud in devotion.

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For devotion, for healing ~ 108 Names of Shri Anandi Ma

Prepared by disciples with love and devotion, and presented at Anandi Ma's 60th birthday event, the 108 Names of Shri Anandi Ma are both beautiful and powerful. The names were written in English and then with Dileepji's help woven through with the mantras "Om" and "Namaha" to infuse the recitation of the names with additional spiritual energy.

Beautifully printed and sized for practice

This small gem of a booklet is 5x8" ~ perfectly sized to slip into the DYC chant book. The cover is pearly translucent paper printed with photos of Anandi Ma in the style of the Guruji stained glass window at Dhyanidham Temple in Nikora. The names can be chanted as part of a Guru puja, offering flowers or grains of rice with each name, or simply recited as a devotional practice.