Ayurvedic Principles for Body, Mind and Spirit with Vasant Lad (5-disc set)


Dr. Vasant Lad is a world-renowned Ayurvedic physician, scholar and teacher, and he takes us on a fascinating journey to the spiritual heart of Ayurveda. Through his wit, wisdom and devotion he identifies and illuminates the Ayurvedic principles that balance mind, body and spirit, thus opening the doorway to healing and spiritual growth. more details in product description

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According to Ayurveda, perfect health is the foundation for fulfillment of the four goals of life: righteous duty, wealth, positive desires and enlightenment and liberation. Ayurveda will help every aspirant reach the goal of life because it provides specific, time-tested scriptural guidelines and remedies based on one’s individual constitution.

When we are out of balance, our thinking, perception and judgment go wrong impacting our emotions, relationships and our ability to function in the world. The energy of the imbalance can manifest at the physical level to create disease over time or at the psychological level to create anxiety, fear, anger, hatred and depression.

Through this recording, Dr. Vasant Lad presents the foundations of Ayurveda in the presence of Anandi Ma and Dileepji. Dr. Lad delivers a detailed and humorous presentation of:

  • Journey of consciousness into man
  • Process of observation from object of observation to the soul
  • Five elements and the doshas
  • Satva-Atman-Sharira (Mind-Soul-Body) construct
  • Anatomy of the mind and the Antakarana
  • Chakra system including physical organs strengthened by the Kundalini
  • Chart of Chakra-Nervous System-Physiology-Endocrine Organs-Beneficial Herbs
  • Lifestyle changes to support perfect health including yogasanas and pranayama

He entertains a wide variety of questions from the audience that address:

  • Karmic implications of genetic predispositions and congenital disorders
  • Physical manifestations of seeds of illness due to negative and recurring thoughts and beliefs
  • The proper way to process karma through the witness state
  • Simple and effective herbal remedies to many common health issues