Spirituality & Psychology – Emotions (4-disc set) (2012)


In this second installment in our series, emotions are studied from both spiritual and psychological perspectives because of the important role emotions play in our spiritual evolution. Drawing upon current scientific research and the Yoga Sutras, new light is shed on the importance of learning to control our emotions and techniques are provided  in order to improve our quality of life and remove the blockages that impede our spiritual growth. more details in product description


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Emotions play a key role in spiritual evolution. When we meditate, that which we must deal with and release is brought to the surface as thoughts or emotions. We must learn to transform our emotions rather than be undone by them. Therefore, meditation and the ability to modulate our emotions are both important tools on the spiritual path.

Through this recording, Dr. Ellen Balis provides techniques that help us recognize the emotions percolating below the surface and, with patience, rewire the neurons in our brains to change our emotional responses to stresses. She also explores the positive role that uncomfortable emotions such as anger and depression can play and ways to evolve through them by balancing healthy expression with control.

Dileepji discusses the origin of our emotions, how they are stored, and spiritual practices that help us purify the chitta, which is the storehouse of our emotions. He charts the qualities of the tamas, rajas and sattvic mind so that we may identify through our thoughts and feelings the current quality of our minds, and he provides tools to eliminate the tamas, control the rajas, and foster the sattvic qualities in the mind.

Dileepji also explores the Yoga Sutras that provide guidance for stopping the activity in the chitta with its seeds of our emotions. Scriptural topics include the mantra Om; the six impurities of the mind and the four attitudes we may cultivate to reverse them; pranayama techniques to pacify the chitta; and Lord Ram’s description of the Chariot of Life from the Ramayana that serves as a guide of qualities that we must cultivate to be successful in life and on the spiritual path.