Tratak (2-disc set)


Success in meditation is dependent on both strengthening concentration and opening the ajña chakra, the third eye center. Tratak (gazing) is a profound and powerful science that strengthens vision, deepens concentration, and expands and retains the flow of energy through the body to support our spiritual practices. And the techniques are simple and straightforward. more details in product description

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Tratak is a profound and powerful science that deepens concentration for meditation and assists with the opening of the third eye. The mind has been trained to observe externally, so very few people are successful with meditation. All of the practices on the path of Kundalini Maha Yoga* aim to open the third-eye center, which is required in order to enter the deeper states of meditation.

Through this recording, Anandi Ma and Dileepji teach techniques that start by using the physical eyes to focus on external objects.  These simple techniques can be performed within minutes and require no special props. Once external mastery is obtained, the goal is to go within using the inner eye. Yogic teachings explore how Tratak techniques can be used to strengthen vision, expand and retain the flow of energy through the body to our benefit our spiritual practices, and open the ajña chakra.

The science of Tratak (gazing) is a branch of Hatha Yoga traditionally used to detoxify the body before beginning postures. Cleansing of the physical and subtle bodies allows the prana to flow smoothly which in turn allows the mind to become stable for concentration. Energy is continuously entering, circulating, and leaving the body without our conscious awareness. And the eyes are powerful conveyers of energy; a look exchanged between strangers can produce love at first sight or enmity. Through Tratak, we learn to harness the energy flowing through us in order to strengthen our concentration.

*Kundalini Maha Yoga is the path to self-realization (enlightenment) through the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, the divine energy that resides in all of us. Awakened it creates the conditions for spiritual progress and ultimately samadhi. The full potential of the body and mind may then be realized, inner peace attained, and the sublime truth of unity in diversity experienced—the fact that all life is one seamless fabric.