Understanding and Preparing for Death (5-disc set)


Drawing upon the scriptures and the death experiences of Dhyanyogi, Anandi Ma and Dileepji provide detailed descriptions of the dying process and the soul’s journey onward towards liberation. They provide practical remedies that we can take to help ourselves and our loved ones who have passed on before us.

This recording is recommended for disciples of Shri Anandi Ma and Dhyanyogi. more details in product description


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While the law of karma will determine the timing and quality of our final moments, regular spiritual practices and the guidance of a guru will transform the process of life, which will transform the process of death. The quality of our lives will determine that one moment and the pathway our souls will take as they continue onward.

In this recording, Anandi Ma and Dileepji draw upon the scriptures and the death experiences of Dhyanyogi to discuss signs that indicate death is coming, what happens at the point of death, what death rituals are important and why, and what happens to the soul between incarnations. According to Anandi Ma, the scriptures state that no yogi is complete without the knowledge of the pathways of the soul after death. That understanding will take you towards liberation; simply doing practices is not enough. This recording is recommended for disciples of Shri Anandi Ma and Dhyanyogi.

Anandi Ma and Dileepji share stories from the scriptures and experiences of living disciples to answer:

  • Will our parents be there for us at the moment of death?
  • What is the impact of suicide or euthanasia on the soul and what can we do to help?
  • Do we continue to incarnate with our ancestors?
  • When does the soul pick its next body and how long does it spend between incarnations?
  • Are Heaven and Hell actual realms in the ether and do demons still exist?
  • What can we incorporate into our lives to improve the death experience?
  • Can we experience the soul’s separation from the body while still in the body?
  • How can we be free of the fear of death?
  • What can we do to assist with the evolution of our loved ones before or after their deaths?
  • What are the classifications of karma and which ones are binding?
  • How does the soul’s journey of a realized being differ from ours?
  • What determines whether we reincarnate or are liberated?
  • How do we reincarnate?
  • What happens after death for beings with extreme good or bad karma?
  • Do humans ever reincarnate as animals once they attain the human body?

“When I was born, I was crying and the world was laughing. But now I want to lead such a life and attain such a state that I die laughing and the world will be crying.” —Kabir