Upanishads (Selections from 108 Upanishads)


by T.M.P. Mahdevan

The eternal truths first revealed by mystic seers so long ago are presented in this easy-to-read translation from the 108 Upanisads that reads more like poetry than philosophical treatises. Readers share the perspective of what it must have been like to be one of the few students considered competent enough to receive and benefit from teachings that were later labeled secret by those not privy to the intimate teacher-student dialogues. more details in product description

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by T.M.P. Mahdevan

From the Introduction:

The Upanishads constitute the concluding portion of the Vedas. They are the summits of early Indian thought, and have been aptly described as the "Himalayas of the Soul"... The secret charm of the Upanishads lies both in the philosophy of spiritual monism or non-dualism which they teach and the manner in which this teaching is given. Reality is declared to be non-dual, one without a second; and this Reality is identified with Spirit... Not only is the non-duality of Self affirmed, but also the plurality of things is declared to be ultimately not real.

The Upanishads are not systematic treatises on philosophy; they are not the works of any single author. The sages whose intuitions are recorded in the Upanishads are more mystic seers than mere investigators of metaphysics. There is a directness about their teachings, and an authenticity born of first-hand experience in the highest reality. They pour forth their findings in the form of stories and parables, informal discussions and intimate dialogues. The method they adopt is "more poetic than philosophic".

As the Upanishads are regarded as teaching the highest truth, they could be imparted only to those who were competent to receive and benefit by them; and such pupils could be only a few at any given time. So, the  meaning "secret" came to be attached to the term "Upanishads".

From the back cover:

Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan gives here an easy-to-read translation from the 108 Upanisads. The eternal truths revealed so long ago are still valid today, and in this easy flowing style they provide moments of truth and enlightenment in the modern materialistic world in which we now live.

The first chapter introduces the reader to the background of the Upanisads and elucidates the underlying philosophy [including higher and lower knowledge, Brahman and Ātman, cosmic and acosmic modes of Brahman-Ātman, the two modes of envisioning Brahman, and the soul and its destiny]. A short introduction to each of the following chapters further explains their meaning. Many sayings, known and frequently used, will be found here in their original context.

Paperback from India, 240 pages. Indian edition covers may have slight to moderate marks.